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Customer Gallery

Rob offers the following classes from his studio:
Classical Figure Drawing, Classical Figure Painting, Cast Drawing
Size Sight Method and Anatomy Sculpture
For more information contact: Rob Gutteridge
email: mobile: 0434965434 Monday to Friday after 6pm
Cybermen Cosplay
By Aaron Climas and Darren Marsh 2015
Aaron and Darren made these fantastic Cybermen costumes from the Dr Who tv series for Oz-Comic Con Adelaide 2015
Materials: aluminium powder mixed with polyurethane resin, brushed latex, and banana skin mixed with silver dust.

Medical Corps Badges
By Michael Blakeman 2012

Materials: Polyurethane Resin (TC892) and Bronze powder was added as a
face-coat using Black BJB pigment to mask the white resin.







Clay Sculptures
By Andrew Ponton 2011
Materials: Wed Clay and Darwi Terracotta



Laurie Lever's 'Being' sculpture

'Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures' 2011

Bronze Powder







'The Hound'
By Beverley Freeman

Materials: Brush and Spray Latex




Pimp My Kettle competition - Pink my kettle!


By Yota from South Australia

Yota, an Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies customer, entered the Pimp my kettle competition. She was given a basic kettle to "pimp".
Yota has created "pink", as you can see the results are amazing. She created Pink by using clay and various products from our shop. Pink was then airbrushed with assistance from Cormack - Anest Iwata and AMCS staff with a pearlex pigment. Please vote for Pink as the winning kettle will be auctioned off on the 21st of August with proceeds going to Charity - Keeping Youths off the Streets.

Click here to go to the pimp my kettle website and vote for Pink!

Radio Control Gliders and High Speed Slope Racer

By Jeff from Victoria

Jeff an Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies customer constructs radio controlled planes using products sourced from our website. He also airbrushes his own graphics which you can see in the pictures below which look amazing!

A Clockwork Trilobite

By Dylan from South Australia

Dylan, an Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies Customer, sculpted, moulded and cast this Trilobite. To get his creation authentic looking, he took a mould from his original sculpted trilobite using pinkysil and mixed it in bronze powder with Procast. The cogs with in the trilobite is also Procast, mixed with rich gold powder. The Rock is again Procast mixed up with crushed burnt matches (for this effect you could use charcoal) and powdered soapstone (you could replace this by using talc). He finished off this look by dry brushing the rock with black, brown and white paint once it was cured. For more pictures click here to visit Dylan's website.



Steve Wilson from QLD

Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies customer Steve Wilson, creates scenes (as seen above) using Van Aken modelling clay. The detail is amazing, as you can see!



The Norwood Town Hall
By David Slater


The original Town Hall was built in 1882, and is located at 175 The Parade Norwood. David used Ultrasil and Easycast Resin to construct the model. David, an Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies customer, spent over 300 hours creating a replica of the Norwood Town Hall. David was commissioned from the Norwood, Payneham and St Peters council through the South Australian Miniature Enthusiasts Club where he is a member. Below are some photo's of David's Model.

The Original Town Hall
The finished model.

A close up of the model.


We congratulate our winning customers at the SA Plastic Model Expo 2007

1st place in the Truck Category was taken out by one of our customers using Procast resin purchased from AMCS.

Adrian (Bugsy) Won 2nd place in the Truck Category, using an IWATA HP.CS Airbrush and mixing in pearlex (iridescent) pigments purchased from AMCS.


BMW M3 Master

One of our customers wanted to create a master of his BMW M3 R/C car body that he purchased from the local model shop, so he could vacuum form his own car bodies over the master.

Using Easycast quick setting polyurethane resin he made a slush cast in the body around 5mm thick. In 30 minutes the resin was set and the master de-moulded.

He then began vacuum forming his own car bodies over the top of his master using polycarbonate sheeting.

A picture of the master and various vacuum formed bodies are pictured below. This customer is also using the new TC-891 polyurethane resin to cast various suspension parts for his car. The resin is ideal for casting small parts where high strength is needed and where weight is an issue.

The master was made from Easycast.

From left: The original, the master, various vaccuum-formed bodies.

By Sam Galer

Sam has used an Iwata custom micron CM.C PLUS and art spectrum concentrated artists inks. The CM.C PLUS has a Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve that enables infinite control of the airflow at the head of the airbrush, which is different to just regulating the air pressure at the compressor, it will change the way you airbrush!

Laker 13 Kayak
By Bob Hutton

Bob, an Adelaide Moulding and Casting Suplies customer built this Laker 13 Kayak from a Jem Watercraft plan using R180 epoxy resin, H180 slow hardener and 84 gsm fibreglass cloth to encapsulate the plywood. The epoxy completely seals the plywood and the glass cloth protects the ply from abrasion, puncture and weathering. The seams are glued and filled using epoxy thickened with wood flour. The hollow shaft paddle is also glued and sealed with R180/H180 with the blades reinforced by the 84gsm cloth.

Bob says "I initially looked at the R180/H180 system because it is significantly cheaper than the highly publicised brands but had concerns about suitability for this project. AMC arranged to have my questions answered by the manufacturer's technical people and I did tests with a trial quantity that showed good joint strength and clarity. The choice is now fully justified by the success of the project – the glass/epoxy armour is brilliantly clear and there were no problems


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