Carbon Fibre
Adelaide Moulding and Casting supplies are now South Australian Agents for Gurit and SP Systems.
We now stock the two most popular weaves being RC200T which is known as TWILL and RC200P (Plain Weave) both are sold by the lineal metre.
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Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies are new distributor's for Unimin who manufacture a large range of products such as Slate Powder (excellent low exotherm filler), the ever popular T45B Talc (filler) and Unical 40. Please find these products on the website. and dont forget .....WE DELIVER!  (Metro Adelaide $8.50 per bag)

IS 925 Power Jet Plus

Adelaide Moulding & Casting Supplies is proud to introduce the newest member of the IWATA compressor family, the IS 925 Power Jet Plus! This compressor is perfect for custom graphics, sign making etcetera. Also works exceptionally well in the following applications: Fine arts, automotive repair, general airbrushing, commercial illustration, hobbies/models, crafts, fingernail painting and cosmetics.
The IS 925 Power Jet Plus has a nice and steady air flow of 1.37 cfm or 39 lb/pm, due largely to a receiving tank incorporated in the handle of the unit which makes for an uninterrupted smooth airflow.  It also makes it compact and very portable, together with its light weight (7.1kg) , and small footprint of  28x16x27.5cm!
The Handle Tank IS925 Power Jet Plus comes complete with an airbrush hose, and moisture filter/regulator.  This compressor has been designed with the Professional Artist, or Hobbyist in mind for serious airbrushing applications.  The new IS 925 Power Jet HT has retained its quiet and solid performance, making it a great choice for home use. Of course IWATA’s legendary build quality and spare parts availability, backed up by IWATA’s 12 month warranty make this a purchase you will not regret.

Flexivinyl Hot Melt Compounds are a series of vinyl based flexible mould making materials, which are tough and need no release agents. They are designed for the manufacture of flexible moulds for casting concrete, plaster resins (GRP), gypsum, polyurethane, polyester/ clear casting resin and waxes. They have good tensile strength, and are available in two grades varying from high flexibility to hard (but resilient) compounds with melting temperatures of about 150°C and 170°C.
Flexivinyl Hot Melt Compounds are proof against water and many chemicals, and are not affected by climatic conditions; consequently changes of humidity in the air do not alter the shape of the moulds, nor do they dry out. Moulds made from Flexivinyl can be stored for years and will be found as good as when they were first made. The finest detail can be reproduced: rough surfaces will reproduce rough, while glossy or polished surfaces will leave the mould face with the original degree of gloss or polish, even blemished or faults will be reproduced.
All Flexivinyl melt to Pourable liquids and since the two grades of the low melt group may be mixed, compounds with intermediate flexibilities can be obtained. Hundreds of casts can often be made from one mould (depending on the casting material); the mould may then be re-melted, re-cast and used again. The softening temperature of Flexivinyl is sufficiently high for temperatures of up to 80°C not to significantly affect them.

Featured Product

Iwata airbrushes and compressors set the standard by which all other competitors aspire to. This is proved daily by the impressive roster of elite professionals who prefer Iwata to airbrush their plastic models, cars, motorbikes, nail art and spray-on body tan.

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Zap-A-Gap fills gaps, allows 7 to 10 seconds for positioning, cures in 20 seconds to accelerate curing add a ZIP KICKER. Zap-A-Gap bonds anything, even oily surfaces. Zap-A-Gap works best on metal, Rubber, most plastics, aluminum, ceramic, wood and pottery.

Zap CA

Zap CA is a super-thin penetrating formula which works great on most materials, especially balsa. Zap CA strengthens fiberglass and cloth and Bonds in 1 to 5 seconds.  Zap CA works best on metal, rubber, most plastics, aluminum, fiberglass, china, wood, pottery and cloth.


Rail-Zip is a high-tech concentrated track cleaner and corrosion inhibitor which cleans model railroad tracks, restores electrical conductivity and prevents sparking.  Rail-Zip works best on metal and model trains. 

Zip Kicker Pump

Zip Kicker is a super glue accelerator. Zip Kicker is the best working accelerator for ZAP and all other super glues you'll find.  Zip Kicker sets in just a few seconds. 2oz bottle comes with a pump. Works best with Zap products and Super Glue Products. 

Z-7 Debonder

Z-7 Debonder is a debonding agent for all super glues. Z-7 Debonder softens cured glue so it can be easily removed from fingers and other surfaces. Always test Z-7 Debonder first. Z-7 Debonder works best on super Glue Products.  


Fiber-Poxy is perfect for polyester and epoxy fiberglass models and repairs, ceramic, plastics, metals, etc. Fiber-Poxy is excellent ARF glue. Comes in 1-oz dual syringe package. Fiber-Poxy works best on metal, rubber, plastics, fiberglass, aluminum and ceramic  

5 Minute Z-Poxy

5 minute Z-Poxy is a clear, equal-mix which cures in 5 minutes. 5 minute Z-poxy is a vibration resistant formula which is also durable, sandable and Excellent for furniture. 5 minute Z-Poxy is available in 4oz and 8-oz kits. 5 minute Z-Poxy works best on metal, rubber, aluminum, ceramic, furniture and wood.  

30 Minute Z-Poxy

30 minute Z-Poxy has a 15 min. work time and cures in 30. 30 minute Z-Poxy is great for fiberglass fuselages, boat hulls and skinning foam parts. 30 minute Z-Poxy is an equal-mix which accepts balloon filler for forming fillets. works best on metal, rubber, most Plastics, aluminum, foam fiberglass and Boat Hulls.  

Z-Poxy Finishing Resin

Z-Poxy finishing Resin is an Odorless, equal-mix resin which cures in 6 to 8 hours. Z-Poxy finishing resin is easy to sand and great for glass cloth, sheeting wings and compatible with many polyester resins.  Works best on glass, cloth, most plastics, aluminum, ceramic, wood and pottery.

TROWEL-ON 60 is a brush-on polyurethane that is capable of vertical hand lay-ups. It is a great substitute for creating non-fiberglass case moulds / mother moulds.
TROWEL-ON 60 can also be used for creating thin walled, lightweight and hollow shell parts.
It can be used as a filleting material and is ideal for coating polystyrene foam. TROWEL-ON 60 has an easy 1:1 mix ratio ratio and can be demoulded in 1-2 hours. Finished parts are extremely hard and durable.
Architectural elements
Case moulds / mother moulds
Thin walled parts and panels
Theatrical and SFX components
Lightweight parts
Polystyrene foam coating system

Apoxie Sculpt

Apoxie Sculpt combines the benefits of clay with that of epoxies to produce a self-hardening synthetic clay. Apoxie Sculpt is used worldwide by hobbyists, sculptors, miniaturists and restorers to name a few. It is the number one choice of many motion picture studios, schools, museums, theme parks and aquariums. Apoxie Sculpt is available in three sizes and two colours- white and cream (natural) to suit all your creative needs! Apoxie Sculpt adheres to almost any clean surface including fibreglass, plastics, metals, foam and ceramics. It has a 3 hour work time and self-cures in 24 hours – no need for a kiln or oven. Apoxie Sculpt is economical yet offers superior performance. Why not try it for your next project and see for yourself! Apoxie Sculpt can be seamlessly feathered before setup, or sanded, tapped, lathed or otherwise tooled after! Non-toxic; no solvents or fumes, easy clean-up with Apoxie® Safety Solvent or soap & water.
Apoxie Sculpt can be used to create special effects. Fill and cover seams; repair cracks; bond pieces together; fabricate parts; create dioramas and relief maps, with great exterior quality.
For the crafts Apoxie Sculpt can be used to create special decor, figures, Jewellery and original sculptures; use with kits and models; build detail; fill moulds; cover armatures and more!
Apoxie Sculpt has endless uses, it can be used for antiques; toys; dolls; ceramics; pottery; vases; statues; museum and outdoor displays; tools; furniture; and more. Add to or repair most anything! Many home, school and professional uses.
Use Apoxie Sculpt to create eye sets; fill and cover seams; cover armatures; fabricate or extend parts; create natural-looking trees, branches, leaves, rocks, bases, waterfalls and other scenic effects.
If you would like to purchase this product online, please click on Clays and Apoxie Clays and follow the links.

Moulding & Casting Beginner Value Pack
$55 - Pinky Silicone & Procast Pack

Our Value Packs contain everything that the beginner requires to get started in moulding and casting. Each pack contains;

1 X 500g Pinky
1 X 250g Procast Resin
1 X 453g Klean Klay
5 X Plain Plastic Cups
2 X 30ml Measure Cups
2 X 60ml Measure Cups
5 X Large Mixing Spatulas
5 X Small Mixing Spatulas
1 X Pair Latex Gloves
2 X Pipettes

This pack gives the beginner an opportunity to make a silicone one or two piece mould of a master and cast a duplicate in resin.
Pinky is a fast set, skin-safe silicone. It has a 4-6 minute pot life and a de-mould time of 30+ minutes. 
Procast has a pot life of 5 minutes and a de-mould time of 1-3 hours. 
To order this product online please go to the categories section on the homepage and click on Kits and follow the links.

Pinky Silicone

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