How Do I Make My Candles at Home?

Candles at Home

How Do I Make My Candles at Home?

Some individuals might believe that creating candles is a skill best left to experts and that it is impossible to make at home. But if you follow the right procedures and equipment, creating candles at home can be quite easy.

All love candles. You can learn how to create candles at home with natural ingredients by following some easy steps. All you need is essential oils, wicks, and wax. In this article, we will discuss how to make candles at home. So, without any further ado, let’s look at the steps needed to make candles at home.

Materials Required to Make a Candle at Home

The following is a list of the materials required to create your candles at home:

Candle Wax: Typically, candle wax is sold in the form of wax shavings or flakes, which you can buy in large quantities online or at your neighborhood craft store. Popular options include paraffin wax and natural waxes like soy and beeswax.

Wicks: All candles require a wick. Typically, wicks are constructed from zinc, wood, cotton, or paper.

Scent Oils: Essential oils or fragrance oils are added to the melted wax during the candle-making process to give scented candles their scent.

A spatula: An even melt can be achieved by swirling wax with a heat-resistant spatula.

Heatproof Container: Tin cans, glass jars, and mason jars work well as candle containers. Your candle will be greater the larger the container.

A thermometer: To find out the temperature of your wax, use a candy thermometer, a deep-fry thermometer, or a digital infrared thermometer.

Steps for Making the Candle

Assemble the Materials and Container

Empty Mason jars or even tin cans will work, although candle holders or specialty candle jars can be purchased from a craft store. Just ensure the vessel is to your liking, as most poured candles cannot be removed from their container before burning.

Ensure that your candle jars are dry and clean before setting them down on a level surface. Keep chopsticks, wick holders, and scent oils close at hand.

Melt the Wax

In a container over low to medium heat, melt the soy wax. If the soy wax flakes take longer than a few minutes to melt, turn up the heat a little. Use a wooden stirring tool to stir, or you can also use a chopstick. Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t burn instead of using a thermometer.

Add You Are Essential Oils

After the wax has melted, add 80–102 drops of your preferred essential oils to the container. The kind and potency of the essential oils determine how many drops to put into the container.

Certain essential oils are made especially to be used in candlemaking. For these, follow the instructions written on the container. Using a spatula, carefully add the oils and stir.

Maintain The Wick’s Stability

Place two Popsicle sticks over the top of the jar or use a little wax to secure wicks to the bottom of mason jars. Try to tape the wick upright to a horizontal chopstick, pen, or pencil. The wick will remain upright as a result while the wax solidifies. Butter knives, pencils, and chopsticks can also be used; just be cautious not to get too much wax on them while using them. Once each mason jar is full, pour wax into it and continue. There might be some wax left over, depending on the size of the mason jars. Allow to stand for one hour or until it is solid. Cut the wick to the length you want.

Pour the Wax

Pour the wax carefully until the candle container is slightly below the top of the rim. To reduce air bubbles, pour slowly.

Clean the Surface

Cleaning up dried wax can be challenging. Use paper towels to clean up any melted wax drips on your work surface or the exterior of the candle mold. Hardened wax spills can be cleaned up with hot water.

Don’t Make These Mistakes While Making Candles at Home

Pay close attention to the steps written below  when creating your fragrant candles because this is where errors can occur:

  • Cut your wicks so that their length exceeds the jar’s vertical height. Once they have set, you can chop them down.
  • Use a chopstick to press a little amount of wax into the bottom of your empty jar to use as a support to secure your wicks.
  • Place a chopstick horizontally along the top of the jar (a pen or pencil will also work). Make sure it is perfectly straight by taping your wick to it so that it is erect. It will burn if it isn’t straight.
  • Directly pour your wax into the jar, covering the wick and filling it to just below the lip. Always fill your jars with candles over a newspaper. If not, the wax will get all over you. Removing the dried wax is not an easy thing to do.


Making candles at home is a popular hobby. Whether you want to try your hand at creating candles at home, are starting a business, or are just looking to give one as a gift. By just following a few simple and easy steps, you can make a candle in the comfort of your own home. To begin with, you have to first assemble all the materials required to make candles. Then just follow the given instructions above. Not only do handmade candles look great in our home, but they also make thoughtful presents. It can also be fun to make them. You may create beautiful candles that you can gift or use yourself if you have any experience at all.

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