Adel Matte Black XL

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A supersized XL classic black jar with a matte finish!



Adel Matt Black XL Tumbler with a Round Base (lids sold separately)

A supersized classic black jar with a matte finish. This style of glassware with its round base is commonly known as the Cambridge tumbler.

Pair our XL jar with a glass knob lid (Snug fit) and complete the look with a tassel.

Looking for a smaller, cute alternative to compliment? We have round base Medium and Small sized tumblers available in the same colour!

Our Adel range have an elegant and minimalist design, made from top quality glass then coated with premium paint (users should always test under their own conditions before making a big batch of candles). We suggest cleaning the inner base of the jar lightly with Isopropyl alcohol to ensure that the stickum adheres properly.


(D) 86mm x (H) 110mm

Holds approx. 400gm wax.

Recommended to be used with:

(Always test wick sizes as this is only a guide. Click here for our detailed wick guide.)

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