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These A4 sized sheets allows you to print your own designs using a standard inkjet printer. Waterslide Decal Paper is a great way to decorate your candles and glassware with images or logos. Create photo, pictures or your own design onto almost any decorative items with smooth surface such as glass, ceramic ware (decorative purposes), guitars, furniture, fridges, candles, soap, plastic models, model aeroplanes, model cars etc.

Inkjet waterslide decal must be sprayed with Varnish GlossInkjet inks are water soluble and need to be sealed before placing your designs into water to remove the backing. Do not use laser waterslide decal for inkjet and vice versa.

Print photos/ designs on waterslide decal paper using your inkjet printer. Wait for at least 30 mins before trimming

Spray a very thin layer of  Varnish GlossWait for 10 mins and repeat until your photo/design is covered with 3 coats of varnish gloss

Soak photo/design in water until you see the backing starting to slide off the waterslide decal

Transfer the photo/design together with the backing onto the candle or container

Pressing firmly onto the photo/ design, slide the backing off. Use a lint free cloth to smooth the edges and lightly dab on the photo/ design to remove any air bubbles and excess water


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