CDN 16 150mm

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Length: 150mm

Burn Diameter: 70-75mm

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In the candle industry, CDN Stabilo KST wicks stand out as one of the best choices. The CDN 16 150mm wicks, made from natural cotton fibers with a paper core for rigidity, represent a flat braid design. These wicks from CDN are both zinc and lead-free and possess acid-resistant qualities. After each burn, ensure to trim the CDN wick to a length of 5mm.

CDN wicks / CDN 16 150mm are pre-tabbed, pre-coated and easy to use. Secure wick tabs to candle containers using stickums. Off cuts of wick can be re-tabbed with medium wick tabs to produce a new wick.

It is important to note that the burn diameter is just a guide, and the actual burn diameter will vary depending on the type and amount of fragrance and wax you use. You should always test your wicks to ensure that they are the correct size for your candles. Refer to our wick size guide

AMC Supplies is not responsible for wick selection or the finished candle. For example, different waxes, colour, and fragrances will affect burn diameter and hence the choice of wick size.

Do not leave burning candles unattended.


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