Cylinder Pillar Candle Mould

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Cylinder Pillar Candle Mould

Want to try making pillar candles? Use our Acrylic Moulds to produce pillar candles with a variety of patterns! 

Colour the candles with our professional quality range of German made Dyes. Use black pigments and add “Black for shading” Dyes to create a timeless Pillar Candle or simply add them to deepen the colours of your candles. 

Easy to use and clean! We suggest cleaning the mould with soap and hot water. Use Isopropyl alcohol for a deep clean, wiping away any stains or excess soap. Make sure your mould is completely dry before storing it. 

** Only use Pillar Candle Wax or Beeswax as they are designed to shrink slightly and release easily from the moulds **

Tip: Gently wriggle the base cover off and tap the mould lightly on a hard padded surface to release the candle from the mould.


Mould: (D) 55mm x (H) 115mm

Candle: (D) 50mm x (H) 100mm

Holds: Approx. 140gm of wax

Recommended to be used with:

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