Ecofoam MF1100

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Ecofoam MF1100 (Replaced MF115) (Free rise density of 115 kg/m3).is a two part polyurethane system comprises a polyol and isocyanate component. When mixed in their correct proportions produce a fine-celled foam. The system is designed for use in moulding applications where good skin is required. The foam can be used for moulding components such as imitation wood, computer cabinets, shoe heels as well as for moulding fishing lures. The system can be manually drill mixed (@ a minimum speed 2000 rpm) and also processed through low-pressure plural polyurethane dispensing equipment.

Title Type Size
Ecofoam MF1100 - TDS application/pdf 103 KB
Ecofoam MF1100 Isocyanate - SDS application/pdf 295 KB
Ecofoam MF1100 Polyol - SDS application/pdf 249 KB


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