No. 10 Clay Shaper – Flat Chisel

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Clay Shapers are a new approach to working with clay, soft wax and modelling materials, plaster, heavy body paints and adhesives. The black rubber tips clean easily, and can be cleaned in solvents.

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Clay Shapers are versatile tools designed for artists and craftsmen and offer a fresh perspective on working with various materials, including clay, soft wax, modeling materials, plaster, heavy-body paints, and adhesives. The No. 10 Clay Shaper – Flat Chisel features easily cleanable black rubber tips that effortlessly handle a range of substances. These tips can be conveniently cleaned using solvents for added versatility and ease of use.

Use No. 10 Clay Shaper – Flat Chisel to:

  • Model clay, warm wax and other modelling materials
  • Create textures and marks
  • Apply glue for papier-mache and collage
  • Smooth throwing/scoring marks – even hand building
  • Apply wax resist to pottery
  • Carve patterns through slips and glazes
  • Work with tough adhesives.

Unleash your inner artist and breathe life into your clay creations with our array of clay sculpting tools, offering everything you need. This ensures that you have everything at your fingertips, whether you’re shaping intricate details or crafting unique forms. Elevate your artistic journey with tools designed for precision, comfort, and endless creative possibilities.

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