Opaque Resin Pigments Beach Ocean Colour Pack

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A value pack with 4 beach inspired pigments suitable to be used with epoxy and polyester resins.


Opaque Resin Pigments Beach Ocean Colour Pack

A value pack with opaque resin pigments suitable to be used with epoxy and polyester resins to create opaque and semi opaque colours. They are easy to mix into resins and are non toxic. The Opaque Resin Pigment Beach Ocean Colour Pack  has four different pigments you can use to emulate the amazing colours of the coast and ocean in your resin art!

The Beach Ocean Pack includes 4 opaque resin pigments:

* Pigments will be substituted with similar colours depending on stock availability.

Use the Beach Ocean set to sample different colours and get creative! Mix two or more pigments to create your own custom colours.

Our pigments do not contain any animal derived ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Australian MadeLow VOCs Resin Formula

Opaque Pigments are not UV stable.

How to use:  Add between 2% to 5% by weight to the resin system. Standard testing starts at 2%.

Please note: A pigment additive ratio above 5% will inhibit the cure of the resin.

We recommend using proper protective equipment when handling the pigment.

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