Premium Diffuser Base Oil

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Want a strong, lasting scent that lingers in the air? Try our Premium Diffuser Base! Considered one of the best diffuser base oil on the market, high performance diffuser base will not disappoint. It is a great carrier for your favourite Fragrance Oils. Plus, it is eco friendly and biodegradable.

This low VOC formula makes it safe to use and environmentally friendly. Premium Diffuser Base Oil is formulated for easy absorption by the Reed Sticks and has a low evaporation rate. It is also odourless, hence making the scent throw extraordinary!

How to use: Add 20-25% of fragrance oil to the premium diffuser base oil and pour into one of our stunning Diffuser Glassware.

Australian Made

Compare our Standard Diffuser Base and Premium Diffuser Base Oil to choose your favourite!

Odour Low No Odour
Biodegradable Yes Yes
Evaporation Rate Medium Low
VOCs Emissions Low Low
Appearance May turn cloudy with some fragrances Does not turn cloudy with most fragrances*
Non-Dangerous Goods Yes Yes
Performance Average High. Strong smell. Carries fragrance better.


* Formulas have been tested with AMCS fragrance oils.

All AMCS fragrance oils have been tested and are compatible with our diffuser base. Always test compatibility of fragrances with our diffuser base oil under your own conditions first.

Please note: This product has a 12 month shelf life.

When purchasing 20L size – we recommend adding a Bung Tap to your order to make pouring easier.

Spilt diffuser oil will damage benchtops. Only fill the bottle 3/4 full.  Wipe away any spillage immediately. Do not allow liquid to come in prolonged contact with any surfaces. Keep away from wood and plastic surfaces.

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    Very useful mix.

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    Love that it’s odourless.

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    Very expensive but the budget one doesn’t last

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    Very friendly, great product

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