Sky Blue Cosmetic Mica Powder

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Mica Powder for Cosmetic Grade – Sky Blue

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Our Sky Blue Cosmetic Mica Powder is a bright clear blue shade of mica powder for cosmetic grade. It shimmers when added to: 

  • Skin Products 
  • Melt & Pour Soap Bases 
  • Cosmetic Pigments 
  • Bath Bombs Supplies 

Use it with clear soap base to make a vivid colour. Or mix it with our Goat’s Milk soap base to create a pastel blue or dark blue soap. Don’t forget to add essential oils/fragrance oils for a fragrant, scented soap. 

Usage: Add small amount of mica-about t ¼teaspoon to body product and mix well. Add more colour as required. Colours will vary depending on the amount of colour used and colour of the base product.

Sky Blue Cosmetic Mica Powder is skin-safe, non-toxic, heavy metal free and has not been tested on animals. 


Non Toxic Cosmetic Mica Powder Heavy Metal Free - Mica Powder Cosmetic GradeCruelty free - Mica Powder Cosmetic Grade

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