Soy Waxes Sample Pack

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Discover your favourite soy wax with our sample pack consisting of our top-selling soy wax, easy-to-use soy blend, and soy wax with the best scent throw. Use this kit to test new waxes for your unique collections and choose your favourites.

Sample Pack includes: 

1 x 1kg Orchid Wax SB60

Specially formulated to be a vegan, kosher, 100% natural soy wax. SB60 is a single pour wax with minimal shrinkage and good adhesion. Soy wax with the best hot and cold throw. Made from sustainably and responsibly sourced soybeans. 

1 x 1kg Cargill’s C3

A 100% soy based vegetable wax with excellent scent retention and glass adhesion. This wax produces candles with a smooth, glossy finish with every pour.

1 x 1kg Cargill’s C6

A high quality Coconut Soy blend natural nature wax, formulated to have excellent glass adhesion, good stability with colours and excellent cold and hot scent throw.

Vegan Friendly Product

*All waxes are vegan friendly, suitable for containers and tealights. Not suitable for melts and pillar candles** Wax types may change subject to availability*

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Title Type Size
Orchid Wax SB60 - SDS application/pdf 350 KB
Orchid Wax SB60 - TDS application/pdf 205 KB
NatureWax C3 - TDS application/pdf 154 KB
NatureWax C3 - SDS application/pdf 108 KB
NatureWax C-6 TDS application/pdf 219 KB
NatureWax C-6 - SDS application/pdf 191 KB


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