Wax in Styrene

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Add 3% by weight to turn unwaxed resin to waxed resin. Can be added to gelcoat to create flowcoat. When mixed with surfboard laminating resin it acts like a filler. Wax in styrene provides an air tight layer on the resins surface. It contains 5% wax. The addition of Wax in Styrene to Clear Casting Resin can cause the resin to go cloudy. If you are wanting the resin to remain clear, only add a minimal amount.

This product has a 6 month shelf life. Please only purchase as much as you can use in this time.

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Wax in Styrene - SDS application/pdf 237 KB
Wax in Styrene 1Kg to 4Kg - SDS application/pdf 237 KB


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