Worbla’s® Pearly Art Scales – 100 pieces

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Worbla’s® Pearly Art Scales is the newest product in Worbla’s® art range. They are useful for those who do not have access to a laser cutter or do not have the time to cut scales out of Worbla’s® Pearly Art.

This thermopastic is light in colour and extremely smooth. It has a built in adhesive and can easily be combined with itself and with other materials. Pearly Art will remain slightly flexible even after cooling; it is great for creating highly detailed work.

Worbla’s® Pearly Art contains a heat activated glue which allows it to stick to itself and other materials. It is extremely fine which makes it great for modelling and creating detailed features. Worbla’s® Pearly Art has a very smooth surface that requires a primer such as Flexbond before painting. It can be reactivated as many times as needed meaning all the scraps can be used.

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