Gold Resin Art Mica Powder

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Gold Resin Art Mica Powder is a safe, non-toxic, versatile pearlescent pigment.

Conversion guide gram/millilitre approximate:

  • 10gm = 21ml
  • 50 gm = 105ml
  • 200gm =420ml
  • 500gm =1050ml
  • 1kg = 2100ml/2.1ltr


Gold Resin Art Mica Powder is a safe, non-toxic, versatile pearlescent pigment. It has a stunning metallic gold colour will add a rich and glamorous look to your artwork. The shimmering effect of the mica particles will catch the light and give your resin art piece a unique and eye-catching finish. The pigment is finely ground and mixed with high-quality mica particles, giving it a smooth and consistent texture.

It is ideal for various effects for epoxy resin, polyurethane resins, and candles. Use these highly pigmented mica powders in epoxy resins. Another use is to mix the mica powder with artist mediums such as oils, acrylics, encaustic, or polymer clay or spread it dry on porous surfaces. Or add shimmer to your candles by sprinkling the mica powder on top of your finished candles before pouring the wax in; you can also dust them in your pillar candle moulds.

Usage: Add small amount to form a pearlescent effect. Colours will vary depending on the amount of powder used. 

Gold Resin Art Mica Powder is a safe, non-toxic, and has not been tested on animals. 

Non Toxic Resin Art Mica PowderCruelty free resin art mica powder

Resin Art Mica Powder is for industrial use and is NOT suitable for skin use.
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