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Mermaid Waters Fragrance

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Meet Mermaid Waters, our New Sustainable Fragrance that puts our planet at the forefront!



A whimsical ocean themed fragrance inspired by the Little Mermaid. Mermaid Waters Fragrance is a sophisticated fragrance that captures the fantasy of your imagination. Little Mermaid frolicking in the deep blue ocean reminds us of the playfulness of this fragrance. Notes of salted tangerine and blue ivy adds uniqueness to Mermaid Waters Fragrance while the smells of Eucalyptus and sparkling lavender adds to the freshness of the fragrance.  With a base of sea salt and driftwood based Mermaid Waters fragrance is an all year round fragrance that is bound to elevate your sense of playfulness and fantasy!

Use a combination of pink, blue and purple liquidye for a mesmersing mermaid inspired candle, using a clear candle glass jar to showcase the whimsical colours. Dust on some glittery mica powder to complete your mermaid candle.

Add Mermaid Waters fragrance to Pillar Wax to produce wax melts that remind you of summers spent playing on the beach and frolicking in the waters!

Top Notes: Bright Ozone, Algae, Water Mint, Salted Tangerine, Blue Ivy, Marine
Middle Notes:
Sapphire Minerals, Eucalyptus, Waterlily, Spearmint, Sparkling Lavender
Base Notes:
Aged Driftwood, Cedarleaf, Sea Moss

This fragrance oil is infused with essential oils including Treemoss, Oakmoss. 

*Due to the shortage of raw materials, some fragrances may smell slightly different due to the manufacturer altering the formula*

Our fragrances do not contain any animal derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. 

Sustainably Sourced Fragrance OilCruelty Free Fragrance

Use our Sustainable Fragrance to make your own eco-friendly Home Fragrance range!

Mix and match with:

Let’s Build a Sustainable Future Together!

What Does Sustainability Story Mean?

Working closely and sustainably with farmers in their local regions.

Sustainably and responsibly sourced ingredients that do not deplete the planet’s natural resources.

Reducing carbon footprint by reusing waste products and adding renewable plant based, natural ingredients.

Traceable ingredients to guarantee that responsible sourcing standards are being followed.

Eco-consciousness: Biodegradable fragrance.

Biodiversity preservation protecting land use and water intensity for cultivation and production.

GMO Free: Does not contain ingredients that come from generically modified organisms.

For the best results we recommend adding no more than:

Candles: 5-10%

Hard soaps: 1%

Bath bombs: 1%

Diffusers: 20%

Please note these values are suggestions only based on in house tests using our waxes and we recommend users test a small quantity first to ensure that you are happy with the result. Be aware that fragrance oils may discolour the wax. 

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We recommend you purchase a 60ml bottle of fragrance to ensure it meets your expectations as we do not offer refunds because you do not like the scent.

Adelaide Moulding and Candle Supplies stocks only top-quality Australian Made fragrance oils that are unique to our store. Other supplier’s products with the same name may not smell the same.

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