Premo Sculpey® Cadmium Yellow

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Premo Sculpey® is perfect for caning, mokume gane, and mica shift. Premo retains flexibility so the finished product remains very strong and durable.

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Premo Sculpey® Cadmium Yellow is a bright, warm yellow with a hint of sweetness. It’s not pale or dull like a lemon, but rather a joyous, radiant yellow that fills your projects with warmth.

Discover a world of vibrant colors with Premo Sculpey®

Premo Sculpey® is an artist’s dream come true! After conditioning, this versatile polymer clay transforms into the perfect sculpting medium. It becomes soft enough to blend seamlessly, allowing for smooth transitions and delicate details. Yet, it remains firm enough to hold even the most intricate features, ensuring your creations come to life exactly as you envisioned. It is perfect for caning, mokume gane, and mica shift.

How to use the Premo Sculpey® Cadmium Yellow: Bake at 130 °C for 30 minutes per 6 mm thickness. DO NOT MICROWAVE. Baking should be completed by an adult. DO NOT EXCEED THE ABOVE TEMPERATURE OR RECOMMENDED BAKING TIME.

Hint: It is recommended to condition polymer clays using a pasta machine or Acrylic Roller. Simply cut the block in half and feed each half through the largest setting of your pasta machine. Repeat 10 times more and your clay will be conditioned. Extra clay can be stored and reused.

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