Resin Art Jewellery Kit

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Elevate your style or share your unique creations with loved ones. The Resin Art Jewellery Kit is your gateway to a world of exquisite, handcrafted jewellery that reflects your individuality.

PLEASE NOTE: Resin quantity included is 125ml epoxy and 125ml hardener, this is packaged in 2 x 250ml half-filled bottles.*

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Unleash your creativity and craft stunning, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces with our Complete Starter Jewellery Making Resin Kit. This complete kit is for beginners and experienced, providing you with everything you need to create your favourite earrings or necklace. 

It comes with our Bio-Casting Epoxy Resin-Fast Hardener, easy to mix and pour and allows for exquisite details. Include a palette of vibrant pigments that lets you create stunning pieces. Two sets of silicone moulds with their findings with different shapes and styles.

Use the instructions provided to learn how to mix Bio Casting Epoxy Resin, add colours, and basic resin art techniques. Give the gift of a unique experience! this kit comes packaged, making it an ideal gift for creative souls. 

Your resin art journey starts here! Don’t forget to show off your creations by tagging us #createwithamcsupplies

Kit contains:

* Colours may change subject to availability.

Australian Made

This kit comes with Australian Made Opaque Pigments and Bio-Casting Epoxy Resin – Fast Hardener.

Note: Always wear safety glasses and use gloves when working with resin. It is important that you read the safety precautions associated with our product carefully before use.

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Bio Casting Epoxy Resin - SDS application/pdf 302 KB
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