White Fine Mist Spray Bottle

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The White Fine Mist Spray Bottle + Atomiser is a versatile room spray that enhances any home decor. Fill it with your favorite blend of room spray base and fragrance oil to create a fresh and inviting scent for your home.

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The White Fine Mist Spray Bottle + Atomiser is a clean and neutral-coloured room spray that complements various home decors. Your room will smell fresh when filled with a perfect blend of Room Spray Base and Fragrance Oil.

The spray bottle pumps out a fine mist and is made of durable PET, therefore strong, durable and lightweight. It has a transparent cap to protect the nozzle.

Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, office, or any other space, create your room spray with your favourite fragrance using our NEW white fine mist spray bottle. Need help deciding which fragrance to pick? Our Value packs provide an excellent starting point if you want to add new fragrances to your collection. Explore our Value Packs


Height: approx. 130mm
Diameter: approx. 40mm
Capacity: 120ml

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