PAVERPOL can be used to make all sorts of materials rock-hard, such as textiles, paper, chamois leather, fiberglass, self-hardening clay and all kinds of natural materials. It will adhere to wood, ceramics, plaster, concrete, stone and tempex (polystyrene foam) etc. You can make figurines, wire figurines, garden statues, dolls, sculptures and many, many decorations.

Only this first class product has a global safety hallmark! Therefore, it is safe for both people and animals, as well as for the environment. Artists, hobbyists, schools and other groups use it to their complete satisfaction. 

A unique property of Paverpol is its fast drying time. This makes it possible to make a finished object in one day, for example a garden sculpture. Paverpol dries completely transparent. Heat, from a hairdryer for example, will speed up the drying time. Colored textiles, possibly with a pattern, retain their original brightness. By adding colored powder (Pavercolor) to Paverpol, Paverpol can be colored without slowing down the drying time. For example, you can dye white textiles any color you like. Pavercolor is now available in 28 colors. The colors can be combined to make a vast range of shades. Also we have 3 premixed Paverpol in the colors black, grey and bronze. Always stir thoroughly before using the premixed Paverpol.

In Paverpol dipped natural materials are fire slackened. For a sculpture meant to be placed outside, preferably use weather-resistant paint. This can be acrylic or oil paint. Using outdoor paint it is not necessary to varnish the object. Leave the object for at least one week inside to harden completely, before placing it outside. 

If the object is not painted, but meant to be placed outside, we do recommend to varnish it after it has hardened completely. This will prevent it from moulding at higher humidity-levels. Paverpol does not stick to synthetics such as plastics.

Protect Paverpol in it's liquid form from frost; once it has hardened, however, Paverpol is able to withstand extreme frost. Tools and hands can simply be washed in warm water. There is no need to wear gloves.

Paverpol is available in a 500 gram pot, a 1000 gram pot and a 5750 gram tub and a 250 ml siphon bottle, only the transparent and bronze

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