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CocoSoy C-6

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Cargill NatureWax CocoSoy C-6 Wax is a high quality Coconut Soy blend wax, produced in the United States. It is formulated to produce a smooth white creamy surface, excellent glass adhesion, good stability with colours and excellent cold and hot scent throw.

*There is no refund on any wax once it is open, change of mind, or if you do not like the handling of the wax*

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Cargill NatureWax CocoSoy C-6 Wax  is a high quality Coconut Soy blend wax, produced in the United States. 

CocoSoy is a single pour wax formulated to have excellent glass adhesion therefore minimising wet spots. In addition Cocosoy wax  also has excellent cold and hot scent throw and mixes well with colours to produce a vivid colour candle. Cargill NatureWax® CocoSoy C-6 is suitable to be poured into containers, tealights and can also used as a softener for pillar candles. 

CocoSoy C-6  blend comes in slabs, which are easy to cut and handle. *NOTE* Good quality coconut soy wax is usually quite soft, due to the low melting point of coconut and therefore cannot be flaked.

*Due to long sailing times, condensation can occur within the package. Open the package for a few days to ensure there is no moisture in the wax before using*

Note: NatureWax CocoSoy C-6 Wax comes in 5kg blocks and can be easily sliced like butter with a sharp knife.




  • Cut in bocks the wax and add them into a pouring pot. 
  • Heat wax in a double boiler to 80-85°C and stir continuously until melted.
  • Add colour and additives to melted wax and stir until combined.
  • Allow the wax to cool to 75°C and add recommended fragrance amounts. Stir until thoroughly combined.
  • Recommended pouring temperature = 65°C to achieve the smoothest finish.
  • Keep cooling candle away from drafts or rapid temperature changes.
  • Allow the wax to set before trimming wick.

Always check the TDS for maximum fragrance load suitable for your wax and test at home first.  AMC Supplies is not responsible for wax selection or the finished candle.

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