Candle Wick Tabs – Round Medium

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These 20mm diameter x 6mm high, lead free and zinc free metal wick tabs provide a secure anchor for your wicks. The longer neck snuffs the flame sooner as a safety cut-off, stopping the flame before it reaches the very bottom of glass containers, thus preventing cracking of the glass.

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Our Candle Wick Tabs – Round Medium are 20mm diameter x 6mm high and are both zinc and lead-free. These thoughtfully designed wick tabs ensure a secure anchor for your wicks and contribute to the overall stability and balance of your candles. They are made of a material that can withstand the heat generated by the burning candle. The circular design promotes uniform heat distribution and offers a stable base for the wick to erect securely.

The design of a longer neck on certain types of glass containers serves multiple purposes, including enhancing safety features. The longer neck snuffs the flame sooner as a safety cut-off, stopping it before reaching the bottom of glass containers. This prevents the cracking of the glass.

Simply thread the wick through the hole at the base of the wick tab and squeeze tight with pliers to secure the wick. By doing this, the wick becomes firmly attached to the tab, preventing it from moving or floating during the candle-making process or while the candle is burning.

These Candle Wick Tabs – Round Medium are suitable for CDN and VRL wicks.

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