Large Aluminium Pouring Pot

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Make candle-making a breeze with the Large Aluminium Pouring Pot. Its dripless spout lets you pour wax smoothly and precisely, without any spills or messes.



Large Aluminium Pouring Pot 

This seamlesseasy to use, easy to clean aluminium pouring pot is ideal for candle-making, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient experience. It features a dripless pouring spout formulated to achieve an easy pour without spillage, allowing you to pour wax with unwavering precision and control.

 It also has a specially designed handle to attach the pouring pot to the side of the double boiler. This unique feature eliminates the need to constantly hold the pot, preventing fatigue and ensuring a more enjoyable candle-making experience.

To keep your pouring jug in tip-top condition, simply wipe the smooth interior surface with a paper towel and iso alcohol for streak-free results when you are finished use. Leaving it spotless and ready for your next candle-making adventure.

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Capacity: Holds approximately 1.8kg of unmelted wax (2.4L capacity)

Do not use the pot on a direct heat source; always use a double boiler.

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