Chromatic Dental Alginate 450g / Baby Hand Feet Casting

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  • Suitable for dental impressions
  • Suitable for baby hands and feet casting


Chromatic dental alginate is a skin-safe, high precision impression material used for impressions of body parts, hands, feet and teeth.

Non-allergic and safe for using on the youngest child or most delicate body part. Chromatic dental alginate is capable of producing fine details down to creases in hands and finger nails and other minute parts. It is ideal for life casting, baby hands and feet castings and dental impressions.

Chromatic colour change indication of the working phases produces easy and precise results, regardless of water temperature and hardness. Compliant to ISO1563 standards and TGA registered.

Have confidence in purchasing our Alginate with a long expiration date of December 2025 *MADE IN ITALY*

Lifecasting: Add approximately 300gm alginate to 1ltr of water & mix until a creamy consistency is achieved (or 450gm/1 bag alginate to 1.2L water).

Dental impressions: add 19gm alginate to 40ml of water

Setting time: 2 min set time when used with 23 ̊ C water

Final Colour: Pale Blue

Taste: Vanilla-Mint

Refer to TDS for mixing and handling information.

Check out our Lifecasting Kit and create some lasting memories!

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CHROMATIC ALGINATE- MSDS application/pdf 18 KB
Chromatic Alginate - SDS application/pdf 168 KB
Chromatic Alginate - TDS application/pdf 171 KB

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