QUICKSIL Fast Set Silicone

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QUICKSIL – Very Fast Set Silicone. High grade quality silicone made in Europe. Best Silicone for custom made candle moulds, resin jewellery moulds 

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Discover Our NEW QUICKSIL – Very Fast Set Silicone  

High grade quality platinum cure silicone made in Europe.
The latest innovation in mould-making — QUICKSIL Very Fast Set Silicone. Whether in the industrial sector, a craft enthusiast, or a hobbyist, QUICKSIL is your versatile solution.
With its 20 Shore A hardness and shrinkage of less than 0.1%. QUICKSIL is design to create moulds for your favourite product. It is tailor-made for candle moulds, resin jewellery moulds, soap moulds and flaskless duplication in dental technology. It’s designed to deliver efficiency and precision in every mould. QUICKSIL Fast Set Silicon is a two-component Part A (Aqua) and Part B (Translucent), addition curing, low viscosity silicone designed for taking very fast impressions.

 Key Features:

  • Fast Set Formula
  • Ideal for industry, handicrafts, and hobbyists
  • Perfect for flaskless duplication in dental technology

If using on the skin, perform a small patch test to ensure no adverse reactions.
QUICKSIL is not food safe.

Mixing Ratio (by volume or weight): 1:1 – Method A-B
Potlife: 5-7 minutes, subject to ambient temperature
Demould: After 30 minutes for small moulds, for larger volume moulds allow a longer cure time
Shelf Life: 3 years from manufacture

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