VRL 18 150mm

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The VRL 18 150mm candle wick is ideal for container candles made with thick waxes like SB45. It works best with candles that have a diameter of 75 to 80 millimeters.

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Germany produces high-quality white wicks under the name VRL wicks, renowned for their consistent performance and superior quality. The VRL series is designed specifically for container candle waxes with higher viscosity blends, such as SB45. The VRL 18 150mm wicks are free from lead and zinc.

The coreless design of the VRL 18 150mm wick combines threads crafted from the highest grade ring-spun cotton and other all-natural threads to provide extra stability. All threads, offering a perfect alternative to brown wicks for those who prefer a more uniform appearance, are white.

Recognize that the burn diameter acts as a guide, but the actual burn diameter will vary depending on the type and quantity of fragrance and wax used. Always perform wick tests to verify the suitable size for your candles. For reference, consult our wick size guide. 

AMC Supplies is not responsible for wick selection or the finished candle. For example, different waxes, colour, and fragrances will affect burn diameter and hence the choice of wick size.

Never leave burning candles unattended and always prioritize fire safety when using open flames.


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